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All new projects start from an understanding of the culture and business practices of our customers.
Our approach is flexible to the requirements of any customer.
Flexible pricing policy.
Depending on the customer’s needs we either fully integrate into or provide our own cooperation processes.
The customer has full control over the development process at every stage.
We guarantee measurable quality.
We always follow the security standards requested by our customers.
Guaranteed access to highly qualified specialists to ensure the successful development of projects.
Our primary resource is a team of highly-skilled and highly motivated specialists. In high tech industry, where frequent changes are standard, only a result oriented and dynamic team can achieve success and demonstrate impressive results. We are proud of our team and its high level of professionalism.

When interviewing new candidates we seek success oriented individuals with original thinking. Our own original system of training courses allows for the full integration of new employees into the development process in the shortest period of time possible. Furthermore, our continuous system of trainings assists personal and professional development within our company
Our many years of the experience in offshore software development were focused in such areas as networking and communications, programming for mobile and embedded devices and various projects related to the maintenance and support of existing software.

Successfully completed projects include a GPS transportation control system based on GPS devices communicating to a data server for advanced analysis and control, a wholesale store management system with PDA based sales manager interface, VoIP applications and protocol stacks and GSM network management/monitoring software.
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